January Alchemy

Just got back from the Alchemy Poetry reading and, as always, it was sort of a mixed bag.  The feature reader, Hans Fellman, is an open mike regular and, to tell the truth, I often find his work embarrassingly  scatological – he loves to say fuck and talk about his dick a lot.  But, he read 3 short stories and they all held my  interest from beginning to end, which is the best thing you can say about a short story.  They had interesting characters and interesting dialogue (which particularly impresses me, because I can’t write dialogue for shit).  They were all autobiographical but that’s O.K.  I’d just as soon hear about a real person’s life as a fictional person’s life.  And now I feel I know a lot about his life.

Alisdair Bouche sang a couple of beautiful, original love songs and a guy named John I’d never seen before (and may never see again – a lot of people pass through Alchemy, dip their toes in the water, and never return) read a couple of very nice poems.

On the negative side: people giving long and rambling introductions to what they are going to read.  If the introduction is so long that interest starts to flag before you even get to the poem, that is a bad thing.  If a poem needs an introduction that’s longer than a sentence or two, then the poem probably does not say the thing it was intended to say.

Overall, it was a good night.  My  poetic battery has been recharged, and I’m ready to write something brilliant and spectacular for next month.  What, I have no idea.


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