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Yesterday I was talking to one of my classes (I’m not sure how this conversation got started, but they are a bright group and I can talk to them about almost anything) about how scientists still do not understand how flies can walk on the  ceiling and how much, therefore, we still have to learn from the animal kingdom and what kind of inventions that will spark in the future and then today, just a couple of hours ago, I saw a program (Weird Connections, on Discovery) that discussed precisely that topic.  Well, maybe not precisely.  I did learn that flies wings employ three entirely separate laws of aerodynamics, which is an amazing evolutionary coincidence, but if they explained the ceiling walking thing I missed that.

An outpouring of pink

An outpouring of pink

Then, the program after that was about Flamingoes congregating on Lake Ubuntu in Africa and Helena said “I wonder how many of them there are?” and the  very next sentence out of the announcers mouth was “Up to 2 million of them are gathered….”

Of course, the answers usually aren’t that immediate, except in the movies, but the point of tonight’s blog is that the answers are out there.  The universe was formed by  certain physical laws, and since it was formed without specific regard for men, none of those laws have been deliberately hidden from us.  We have to be smart enough to figure them out, but we’re getting there.

Our evolution on planet Earth has followed certain patterns and left clues embedded in the rocks, which we are beginning to be able to read.

Everything that can be seen, or heard, or smelled, tasted or touched is giving off clues as to its origin, its character and its place in the universe, and we are learning more and more every day.

Questions have answers, and problems have solutions, just like feet have shoes, cups have coffee, and the rising sun is an absolute sure fire indicator that the sun will set, approximately 12 hours later.

We just need to keep looking.


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