The Speech

Reaction’s to the State of the Union address are as predictable as rain in Seattle.  Democrats loved it.  Republicans hated it.  Democrats say that Obama came across as a champion of the people, that he appeared confident, and that he put the hecklers in their place.  This is very true.  Obama gives a great speech.  It’s what he does best.

Republicans insist (despite a world of evidence to the contrary) that he is the worst president ever, that he is ruining the country, and should be impeached immediately.

Actually, this time I think they might have some momentum going.  I’m going to go on the record right now and say I am convinced that in less than 2 years, Obama will be out of the White House and a new president will be installed.

I haven’t listened to the whole speech.  I’ve been having computer problems since last night and I’ll be lucky if I can finish this blog before it conks out again, but a few things strike me just from the excerpts and things people have said.  There was a lot of talk about income equality.  Liz Warren has had an impact.

Robert Reich wrote a really good piece on this a couple of days ago.  He pointed out that if Obama was really interested in raising taxes on the rich and giving the middle class a break, he’d have done it 6 years ago, when he had a congressional majority.  Now, with zero chance of passage, talk is cheap.

Obama will go down in history as a great president.  His accomplishments have been impressive, especially in view of the hysterical, fanatical opposition.  But he’s not nearly as great as he could have been.  I’m afraid I’ll always remember him as a disappointment.

re the Republican response from Joni Ernst: I think Democrats are making too much of the shoes wrapped in bread bags comment, just like we made too much of the pig castrating comments.  These may sound comical to people in New York and L.A., but pig farmers do castrate pigs and plenty of parents, I’m sure, have employed bread wrappers as galoshes.  It looks stupid but it works.

Joni Ernst is crazy, she is every bit as delusional as Michele Bachmann.  We have plenty of real reasons to criticize her without focusing on sound bites which sound crazy but, to her audience, are not at all.


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