Fifi is a rabbit

She is a lot of fun

but everywhere that Fifi goes

she poops a fucking ton


Yes, you read right.  We have a pet rabbit and her name is Fifi.  We’d decided on Fifi for a girl or George for a boy (“Tell me about the rabbits again, George” was what went through my mind when I heard that name, but I’m sure the film reference was totally unintentional) but then we just started calling her Fifi because we didn’t  know and I was quite relieved when the vet told us she was actually a girl and we didn’t need to change the name back.

This is not Fifi, but it looks a lot like her

This is not Fifi, but it looks a lot like her

She’s beautiful and soft and I actually  like her, although rabbits are perhaps even below cats on the giving a fuck what human beings think scale.  For the first week or so I couldn’t pick her up at all, if I got anywhere near her she would run like hell, although it’s not actually  running.  She can skitter along on those hind legs pretty well, and can hide in places we can’t get to.  Like a rat, to which I’m pretty sure rabbits are actually related.

She does poop a lot, though.  Our plan for the weekend is to get that sorted out, apparently you can give them a litter box like you would for a cat, so we’re going to try and set that up.  People think “Hey, stop complaining, it rabbit poop.  Tiny little pellets, they look like chocolate chips.  It’s not as if you have a pet elephant or anything.  Now, there you have a case.

Her other bad habit is she likes to chew at cables, which we have plenty of.  That was why my  computer suddenly bleeped out on me yesteday.

We borrowed the cable from a friend, though, and now I’m back in business.


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