I do not relax well.  Having a day without obligations and distractions makes me nervous.  Today was such a day.

Sam left early in the morning, off for a school ski-trip and he’ll be gone for a week.  I knew that was happening so I was not surprised.  I figured that would give Helena and I the peace and quiet needed to go through our to do list and get caught up to date.  Then Helena told me that she was off up to the cottage.  Of course, Isabel went with her so I’m on my own for the weekend.

‘Great!’ I thought.  I will get a lot done without the distractions.  I’ll  be able to watch TV in English and eat things I like that nobody else in the family does.  Well, I did do that, but I watched a bit more TV than I should and the day was not massively productive.  I took the paper and plastic out, cleaned the rabbit’s cage, and watered the plants but most people would have had that done before breakfast.

One thing I did get done was my “Rheets 2014” book.  This is a writing project I’ve been doing once a year for three years now.  Rheets is a scrunched up word  for rhyming tweets.  I write one every day,so at the end of the year I have a collection and I finished writing that book today and OMG the keyboard just died  in the middle  of that sentence so I hit publish, still could navigate via mouse but not type so  this is being finished Sunday morning had to call my  help desk (AKA wife).  Anyway,  the Rheets book is done, should have that up on  Kindle  soon, it’s a little summary of the past year in  rhyming couplets.



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