A Little Bit About a Couple of Things

In the learn  something new every day department: today I learned that Brazil Nuts are not actually nuts at all, but seeds.  A whole bunch of them grow inside a hard shell that looks a bit like a coconut.  I don’t know how any birds or forest creatures manage to break them open, which must happen for them to be worth a damn as seeds and also because that’s the way nature works, everything is food for something else, but I’m guessing there must be some seriously sharp beaked birds in the Amazon rain forest.  Human beings need a hammer.


I don’t know if Congress cozying up to Benjamin Netanyahu behind Obama’s back is technically illegal or not, certainly in the barroom debate definition of words it could be considered treason, but the thing that I don’t understand is: what the fuck is it about Israel?  I get offended when people I know (and I know a few) start in with their conspiracy theories about how Jews control the world and the Mossad did 9/11 (which I think is more plausible than Al Qaeda doing 9/11, but I still think Occam’s Razor prefers Cheney and Co.), and then we see something like this.  Somehow, for some reason, Israel has the U.S. by the balls.


King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is dead.  This is the nice thing about death.  It happens to the nasty, horrible

What happens at Camp David  stays at Camp David

What happens at Camp David stays at Camp David

people of the world just as surely as it happens to the good people.  I don’t think his death will actually change much.  His successor has vowed “continuity and stability” which means they will continue with all the beheadings and floggings and denying rights to women and treating immigrant workers like slaves, and the U.S. government, protecting the interests of U.S. oil companies, will be behind them all the way.  It does not make sense.  Israel and Saudi Arabia.  The U.S. can’t say that both are our best friends, because they are each other’s bitterest enemies.  Yet the U.S. gives billions of dollars worth of weaponry to both of them.

I wonder if  George Bush  will go to the funeral?


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