The Speech

I’m providing the link here for anybody who’s feeling particularly masochistic.  This is the speech Sarah Palin just gave in Des Moines that a lot of people are saying is the most embarrassing thing she’s ever done.

I don’t know.  That’s a pretty tall order.  Sarah Palin has had some pretty embarrassing moments.  To me, the all time greatest has to be the Katie Couric interview when she couldn’t think of the name of any newspaper she read.  Nonetheless, it was pretty embarrassing.  There were a couple of audience shots (somewhere around the rambly bit where she seemed to endorse Hillary Clinton, although I’m sure that’s not what she meant) where people were looking a bit stunned, like “egad, is this woman really as stupid as everybody says.”

Nonetheless, they gave her a standing ovation at the end.  She hit, with her very screechy voice, all the basic conservative talking points.  Obamacare is bad, free college is bad, Obama  let the ambassador die at Ben Ghazi,  Ronald Reagan (oh, a lot about Ronald Reagan), flags,  guns, flags,  front porches.  It didn’t matter that she was sounding like a cross between Victoria Jackson and Miss South Carolina, such as.

I remember when Clint Eastwood   gave his rambling, almost senile speech at the Republican convention in 2012, where he spoke to the empty chair.  All liberals thought it was the nail in the coffin for the Republican party, and the Tea Party wing of it in particular.  In the weeks following, conservatives were hanging chairs up in trees as if old Clint was the reincarnation of William Jennings Bryan.

Because, to them, it doesn’t really matter that the speech was crap.  As long as they all stand up and cheer at the end, the next day they can say it was a great speech and the game goes on.

We can’t count Sarah Palin out yet.


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  1. dw

    She sounded like she was a bit drunk. What a speech! It kind of makes you feel all fuzzy inside, thinking about all those wonderful men and women from Iowa, sitting on their porches and CLINGING TO THEIR GUNS! I liked the “Joni Earnst is crueler to animals than me” bit too. And of course, Obama eats puppies!

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