To Defriend,or Not to Defriend, That is the Question

Watching The Librarians.  Part of the premise,more than just a running gag, seems to be that whenever  people ask them who they are, they say “The Librarians” and people accept it, sometimes it works into the plot and sometimes not but it’s not a profession that provokes a lot more questions.  It’s sort of a rip-offof Dr. Who, he just tells people he’s the Doctor and never gives his name, hence the title of the program.

Outside of that, it’s the usual quirky collection of characters, the tough guy, the guy with a rather loose sense of ethics, the ditzy girl, and the other girl, so it’s all gender balanced, and John LaRoquette,   who plays John LaRoquette, i.e. a somewhat annoying guy.

It’s not really my new favorite program, but I don’t hate it too much yet.


Another person on my facebook page made the comment, which I hear so frequently, “It’s my page and I don’t want anybody posting hateful comments” and I have to wonder , what is her idea of hateful?.  Since she said ‘anybody that mentions politics’ I suspect I should probably just go ahead and unfriend her because I usually wind up making some political comment,and usually people disagree with it,  because what’s the point of having political opinions if they are the same as other peoples, and people who say they don’t like politics at all are very often the ones who are the most easily offended.  With people I know, I don’t mind seeing their vacation and baby pictures and getting updates on their lives.  I don’t usually try to engage them in politics, unless it comes up.  With people I don’t know, the only conversations I might be interested in are topics of current  events, and it comes down  to politics sooner or later.

Still,there’s no need to defriend anybody, she hasn’t actually offended ME. I’ll just go ahead and carry on being myself and if she decides to defriend me, that’ll be cool.



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