Unboiling the Egg

The amazing thing about science in the world today is that it is advancing at such an incredible pace and in so many different directions at once, occasionally, (more than occasionally, pretty often in fact) they’ll discover something that none of us mere mortals even suspected anybody was looking for.

Oh, Brave New World...

Oh, Brave New World…

Such was the case here.  Scientists at UC Irvine have figured out how to unboil an egg.  That is such a bizarre and unexpected concept that a squiggly red line appears under the word unboil.  Science is outpacing the dictionary, and the dictionary is evolving pretty darned fast.  I will frequently read an article about some neologism and they’ll say “it’s all over facebook, Reddit, twitter, etc…” and I have no idea what it means, and it makes me feel old.

But, I digress.  They have unboiled an  egg.  It has something to do with a chemical they add to replace the proteins and a vortex of some sort.  To  say  I don’t understand the science would be an understatement.  That’s O.K.  I don’t understand how the internet works, either, but here we are.

It’s what they do with it that’s important.  They say it may speed up production of anti-cancer drugs, which is wonderful, but I think the best anti-cancer drug will probably be something cannabis based.  There’s lots of anecdotal evidence,  but doctors are still hesitant to prescribe it, even in desperate cases, because it is illegal.

They also think it will speed up the making of cheese which, if you are a cheese maker, is a pretty good thing, I suppose.  As a consumer, I’m not too bothered if cheese takes a little bit longer to mature.  Unless they come up with something that actually makes cheese better, I’m not interested.

I see a couple of other possibilities, though, which are mind boggling.  Since this has something to do with the production of proteins (again, I don’t understand the science – this is all wild, shoot in the dark speculation)it could help in the development of animal free meat, which could end world hunger and thrill animal rights activists.

Also, just the idea that they are reversing a process previously thought to be irreversible raises a very interesting possibility.  If they can unboil an egg, perhaps they can reverse the degeneration of other kinds of cells, of cells in the body for instance.

This could lead to a reversal of aging.  Which would be awesome.  Some people may feel differently but I, for one, would like very much to live forever.


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