Stating the Obvious

The hardest part about writing a blog a day is finding a new topic every day.  Unless I’ve had a particularly eventful day, I usually turn to the news.

I  didn’t see much that really inspired me today.  Bruce Jenner deciding to become a woman might have been an interesting topic, if I had any idea who Bruce Jenner was.  Absent that, I have nothing to add to the conversation.  I think I’m pretty much with the majority on this one, at least one of the standard opinions: that’s his choice, and nobody else’s business.

Then I saw a headline on a science page that said Earth would really be chaotic if man went extinct and thought “Huh, for a couple of weeks maybe.”  Then I read the article and it said “Sure, an environmental equilibrium would be established, but the first  few weeks would  be really chaotic.”  That was the story.

Then, I saw a headline that said something about how binge watching programs on Netflix  was making people sad and lonely and I didn’t even bother reading the article, it seems so obvious to me that they’ve got cause and effect backwards.  If you’ve got hours to waste watching TV, of any variety, it’s because you don’t have much else to do.  Sort of like me with facebook.  Lots of people are sort of bored with their lives, and feel alienated and out of the loop.  That might be partly due to our modern lifestyle.  I’m not so sure, though.  I suspect that even back before the information age, even before the industrial revolution, there were  some people, probably a fair percent of the population, who spent a great deal of time sitting around the house with nothing in particular to do.  Especially in winter.  If so,  you might as well watch a full season or two of Breaking Bad, or whatever.  It’s entertainment.

Then I read an article with the headline “Why Are People So Annoying?” and it was all about how we know we shouldn’t boast but we do, because sometimes you feel you have to, at a job interview or on a first date for example (which is basically a job interview,  with drinks).  And boasting is annoying.

You know what else is annoying?  News articles which just state what’s completely obvious, but have a teaser headline that makes you think you’re actually going to learn something new.


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