The Adventures of Reefer Rabbit

I remember one time me and a bunch of people were sitting around my room, this was back in my Kibbutz volunteer days, a group of mixed nationalities and cultures, and we were passing around joints and getting just as stoned as we could be, and somebody offered a hit to

Reefer Rabbit

Reefer Rabbit

my dog, Grover, a shaggy, lovable, little ball of white fur. I objected quite loudly, and went on a bit of a rant, a totally inappropriate, or at least out of character, lecture about how animals aren’t people and it was borderline animal abuse to try and get a dog high because they didn’t have the whole social paradigm to fully appreciate this drug, they weren’t seeking it, they’d probably just think they were sick or something, and my friend was looking very repentant and embarrassed but then, when he passed the joint on to the next person, Grover just moved on down the line and sat in front of the joint-holder, in the classic canine big-eyed begging posture.
Everybody burst out laughing and my point was about as firmly disproven as any point ever was. Animals absolutely love marijuana. If you feed it to cows, they will give more milk.
So, it’s kind of humorous when a DEA agent in Utah warns against animals getting high all the time if the state legalized medical marijuana. He specifically mentioned rabbits, and told a funny story about how one time he and his fascist droogies were destroying a plantation of this wonderful plant, and there was this rabbit who was obviously stoned out of his little rabbit head because he didn’t run away.
I don’t quite get how this is supposed to be a bad thing. Is we worried that hordes of crazed rabbits and going to go mad in the desert and start hijacking tourists, slaughtering them and leaving their bodies to rot in the hot sun, while they drive off with their cars? Are they afraid of hordes of rabbit looters flooding into Safeway after hours and plundering the produce section?
Damn. Let Reefer Rabbit have a little fun. Allow these cannabis loving cottontails to do what they like. The world is unthreatened.



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2 responses to “The Adventures of Reefer Rabbit

  1. dw

    Well you saw what the killer bunny did in Monty Python.

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