Free the Kettle Falls Five!

I’m not going to waste my blog tonight talking about Netanyahu’s speech, because Chris Matthews has the definitive statement on that. He’s not my favorite political commentator, but he hit it out of the park with this one.
I’m not going to dwell on ex-Senator Danforth’s very unusual funeral oration, although I might in future. It’s Republicans fighting Republicans, which is always fun to see, but when somebody commits suicide there are often hidden issues, and I don’t want to start blathering on about it before reading a bit more.

The Kettle Falls Five

The Kettle Falls Five

Tonight I want to talk about the Kettle Falls Five, a family which was growing a small amount of marijuana (fewer than 100 plants) on their farm, for personal use only they said and there’s no evidence to the contrary and one of them does have cancer. They got busted by federal agents and it’s being tried as a federal case, of course, because as far as the State of Washington is concerned, what they did is legal.
IMHO, the feds should just back the fuck off. It is legal in Washington. It is clearly the will of a majority of the American people that marijuana be legalized, the experiment seems to be working well in the states that are trying it, and the science is in.
It is as certain as global climate change being caused by man-made industry, it is as certain as the medical value of vaccinations, it is as certain as Spring will come that marijuana is totally harmless. There has been no epidemic of addiction, no open floodgate to other drugs, no increased danger on the roads, no rise in crime, no none of it. Just a significant increase in tax revenue, which is a good thing.
Give it up, already, non-stoner people. The war on drugs is over. You lost.


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