Guys Who Think They’re Cool

A new study has proven that men are more narcissistic than women. I suppose it isn’t too surprising. Narcissus, who the condition was named after, was a man. Also, it had to be one or the other, didn’t it? When they were going into this study, there were only two possibilities, and one of them won out. There you have it.

Narcissus and Echo

Narcissus and Echo

Actually, as far as physical vanity, which is a big part of narcissism, IMHO, men and women were about even. It was the other aspects of narcissism, the parts that are actually considered sort of a personality disorder, the self-centeredness, the sense of entitlement, the nearly pathological self-confidence and completely irrational lack of self doubt (which, whether it’s pathological at its base or not, can be self-fulfilling, so who are we to criticize?) where men scored higher than women.
Interesting, but in things like this, I feel the same way about gender that I do about race. It’s interesting to know, and there’s no point in denying actual scientific facts, but you still have to judge the individual.
It would be a mistake for women to read this survey and say “I knew it. All men are self-centered, egotistical bastards,” in the same way that it’s a mistake to assume somebody can dance just because they are black, or can do math just because they are Korean.
But I wonder what other correlations are out there to be made. Do blue eyed people tend to sleep later? Are left handers bigger coffee drinkers? Are middle children more athletic?
Sort of a different topic, but I saw a documentary the other day on epigenetics, i.e. the concept that a parent’s life experiences actually affect the DNA passed down to their children. My mom always said she thought my youngest brother was the fittest and most athletic of all of us because he was the only one born after my Dad gave up smoking. We always laughed at her but it seems, now, that science might be on her side.


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