First of all, I would like to apologize for last night’s truncated, barely coherent, typo ridden abomination of a blog post.  To say it was written in my sleep is barely an exaggeration but that’s what I get for smoking too much too late at night.

On the bright side, I did get that poem finished today, so here it is:

Her fur is soft, her face is cute, her nose and whiskers twitch

Her eyes are bright, and innocent as pie
but little rabbit Fifi is an evil little witch

Listen to me now, I’ll tell you why

she pisses in the corner, she nibbles at my socks

Her teeth are strong, sometimes she even bites

She’s persistent, and she’s learned to tip her litter box

And you know that that behavior just ain’t right

She hides beneath the cupboard, she doesn’t like to play

She’s quite an anti-social little jerk

But if the door is open for a second, she’s away

And to get her back is quite a bit of work

She chews through all the cables; it has cost us quite a bit

It really is the nastiest of habits

She chews at books and boxes, and then she throws a fit

When we try to stop her; nasty, little rabbit

She chews up all the furniture, she scratches at the walls

We follow her around with brush and scoop

She leaves a trail around the house; it looks like Choco-balls

But of course, you know, it’s really rabbit poop

She is passively aggressive; she’s a demon straight from hell

She’s a cross between a badger and a rat

We do our best to cope but we’re not doing very well

It’s rough to have a rabbit in the flat


 Tonight is an entirely different matter.  My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are visiting, with my SIL’s 3 kids, and lights are already out and we’re trying to get them to sleep so I’d better keep this short, as well.IMG_3217


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