WordPressing Problem

Having a real computer problem with WordPress. Up until a couple of days ago, writing my blog was a piece of cake, at least technically. The problems of choosing a topic and finding something both worthwhile and original to say about it, and getting it down in a coherent, persuasive fashion are another matter. That goes with the territory, that’s a writer’s mission.
But you should be able to trust the technology. The fact that it worked for so long and now doesn’t shows that there is some skullduggery with the site – either, as popular sites always seem to do, they are trying to find some way to ‘improve the experience,’ and they’ve screwed everything up, or there’s some problem with Google Chrome. I’ve tried Firefox and Internet Explorer, though, and nothing made any difference. (Internet Explorer, though, just said my account had expired, so update or tough shit.
For tonight, I’m just trying to type it up in Microsoft Word and paste it in.
In comments on other news items: Tough talk doesn’t mean shit. Obama has had some stern words for Netanyahu, but that doesn’t mean anything. Obama is a great speechmaker, but unless he is willing to actually cut off U.S. support for Israel (and he’s probably not, and Netanyahu is probably counting on him not), it doesn’t mean anything.
Archaelogists think they have discovered the remains of Miguel de Cervantes. I don’t see how they could ever know. What they actually found is the bones of about 16 individuals, one of whom is probably Cervantes because the dates add up and he was supposedly buried in that convent. I suppose if they can determine age and gender and there is only one old man among them (which seems unlikely), then that must be him.
I also don’t see how it matters. He’s not going to write any more books


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