Solar Freaking Roadways

Astronomers, most of whom look nothing at all like Jodie Foster, first heard the frb’s or ‘fast radio busts,’ about 8 year ago. They didn’t know what they were then, and they don’t now.
Pigeon drippings on the antennae, some sort of earth bound

A  View of the Future

A View of the Future

distortion of the power towers, or the natural spin of a neutron star have all been mentioned as possibilities.
And Aliens, of course. We can’t rule out the aliens. The problem is, they’ve been trying to figure out these signals for 8 years, so if we answer now, their response might be “Dang, those people are slow. Let’s just send down a bacteria to wipe out the dominant species and see what else evolves.” If these signals were intended as an interstellar intelligence test, we have failed and won’t be allowed to join the federation just yet.

Here’s another thing I saw today that I thought was amazing. Actually, I thought it was awesome the first time I saw it, too, so it’s not a completely new meme but it hasn’t been implemented yet, so it bears talking about.
There is so much win in this project that it deserves to be spread around even more. Cool video, too.


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