Will Nobody Fight Me?

“Will nobody fight me?!” Remember that scene from Highlander, early in the movie, before he realizes his superpower, and he walks through the battle and everybody gives him a wide berth?
I felt like that on facebook today.

Will Nobody Fight Me?!

Will Nobody Fight Me?!

The first case was an old classic argument. He was saying the Democrats are all just as bad as Republicans and I said come on, dude, no way, they might be a bit on the corrupt side or, in the case of Dianne Feinstein, who sparked the argument, more than just a little bit, but there are clearly differences.
I gave him a list of 5 or 6 Democrats who I think are more or less O.K. and he responded with “Do you want a list of why all those people are shit?”
I replied “Sure, bring it on, chumpie.” (that is not verbatim – I believe I was actually very polite.)
And he replied “There’s no way to persuade you since you obviously just like all the Democrats.”
I suppose I should see that as a win because, as I could plainly see, he couldn’t do it. But, like a 3 move checkmate or having sex with somebody who’s so drunk they think you are somebody else, there was not much satisfaction in it.
The second case was similar, but the subject was medical marijuana. His original point was that there is no scientific proof that marijuana cures cancer. I said that there’s enough anecdotal evidence that the idea needs to be taken seriously. I would have enjoyed arguing with him a bit more, I’m certainly not such an expert in the matter that I can’t learn more. But he wrote back “You’ve obviously made up your mind so there’s no point arguing with you.”


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