Game On

It’s official. With a staggeringly bland video announcement (“I want to be YOUR champion!” “When families are strong, America is strong!”) in which she never mentioned a specific policy on a specific issue even once, Hillary Clinton is running for President. For the next about 10 months, the argument among Democrats will not be “Who is oour best possible candidate, it will be “Hillary or not Hillary.”hillary
Either way, I see a risk of the Democratic party being torn apart, to the point where a Republican could get elected. To avoid that fate, the main thing we need to do is keep the internal conversation civil.
With that in mind, here is a short list of things we should not use to attack Hillary Clinton.
1. Her age. Those of us who would gladly support Bernie Sanders, or Joe Biden, can’t say doodly squat about her age. Besides, she’s not really that old. Also, if you make a big deal about her age now, what are you going to say when she gets the nom and the Republicans nominate Rand Paul or Marco Rubio? Sure, you’ll probably still vote for her but you’ll lose serious cred among your friends and relatives, and those are the votes we need.
2. Her gender. Come on, ladies, do you really think we hate Hillary because she is a woman? No, we hate Hillary because she is pro-fracking, voted for the Iraq war, and is far too politically calculating.
3. The fact that Republicans hate her with an insane passion. Who cares? That is actually an argument in her favor but, ultimately, this is not their debate. Also, it’s a dead certainty that whoever gets the Democratic nomination, Rush, O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck, Scarborough and Peggy Noonan are going to immediately brand him or her as the most liberal liberal in the history of liberals.
So, let’s look at the other candidates, try and get behind someone who is good on the issues and good on the campaign trail, and hope for the best. But let’s not poison the well. If she’s the nominee, we’ve got to be ready to run with that.


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