Just got back from my once a month poetry reading, which gets very mixed reviews this month. It was the first at a new venue, and I was looking forward to that.
We’d been at the Napa bar for a few years and, although it was excellent for most of that time, it seemed like recently the management had cooled to our presence, which is not too surprising. Poets can be terrible cheapskates. They’d started making the basement unavailable, and upstairs is where the regular customers are, and generally if somebody just goes out for a drink with friends, they don’t want to get caught in the middle of a poetry reading.
The new place is conveniently located, right across from Stavovsky Divadlo, which was built by Mozart specifically for the premiere of Don Giovanni, because Mozart loved his Prague audiences. It looked like a classy place, also a theater but we were at the club, down in the basement.
Which still looked very nice, but the problem was obvious even before we started. It seemed to be a popular pub, and a popular pub is a noisy pub. We did have our own room off to the side, but still. I’m pretty sure we’ll be at a different place next month.
The featured speaker seemed like an interesting guy, and I’d like it if his style of presentation were to become a regular thing. Instead of reading his own poetry, he gave us a half hour lesson on the poetry of Elizabeth Jane Weston, stepdaughter of weird alchemist Edward Kelley, and only published female poet of her era, which was the same as Shakespeare’s. You could barely hear him, though.
Ken Nash did his traditional Easter song, Jesus is Naked in the Clouds (and all his dangly bits are hangin’ down, down, down), there was some other interesting poetry, I got to see the people I see every month and some who aren’t there so often, and a student of mine who I haven’t seen for about 8 years, which was nice.
She told me she likes this blog better when I talk about matters of everyday life because she’s not interested in American politics and junk like that which I spend so much time on.
So, this blogs for you, Helena.


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