The Next President Lincoln?

There are now 3 people running for the Democratic nomination for president. I expect there will be more, but for now there are 3. Hillary Clinton, of course. The woman.

Lincoln Chafee

Lincoln Chafee

That’s one reason to support her. It would signal a change. Another reason is that nobody raises Republicans’ blood pressure like Hillary.
But that’s not enough. She voted for the Iraq War, she is O.K. with fracking, and she is a little bit too cozy with the big money people.
Then there’s Martin O’Malley, former Maryland governor and Irish folk singer.
And, as of today, we have Lincoln Chafee. Who names their kid Lincoln? I guess when you’ve already had two governors and two U.S. Senators in the family, and you’re Republicans, it makes sense. Yes, that’s right. He was a Republican up until 2007. But, as a Senator, he voted against the war in Iraq, so he’s a better Democrat than Hillary was, at that point.
And, whereas Hillary is cozy with the elites, Chafee is an elite. That doesn’t necessarily disqualify him. FDR came from a similar, old money, political family. For that matter, so did his cousin Theodore, and Washington and Jefferson.
So, so far it’s between those 3. Despite Hillary’s money and big connections and name recognition, it’s going to come down to who organizes best and gets their people out to the precinct caucuses in Iowas next year.
If Hillary comes in 3rd in Iowa, she won’t get the nomination.


RIP former Czech Prime Minister Stanislav Gross. Like most Czech politicians, he was a bit of a crook, but 45 is just too young to die.

Stanislav Gross 1969-2015

Stanislav Gross 1969-2015


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