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Nothing to say tonight, I’ve already said enough about Hillary for the moment, it’s an early stage of the game and guaranteed there will still be surprises galore. Yeah, her logo sucks and it looks so far like she’s running a pathetic campaign, but the absolute shitstorm from the right wing is making me like her a little bit.
Chris Christie’s ignorant and bombastic comments about marijuana don’t exactly endear me to the man, but since I had no love for him in the 1st place it hardly matters.
Just saw a headline that said “How can you tell when you’re talking to a narcissist?” and thought that was rather a silly question. They will tell you. Narcissists are about as up front about being narcissists as Jehovah’s Witnesses are about being Jehovah’s witnesses as a general rule.
Why am I watching a TV program with a couple of guys who talk like morons and are trying to trap a raccoon?
I spent the day today proofreading, which means my mind is numb. That’s all for tonight. Love.


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