I got defriended today. I’m not too bothered. It wasn’t somebody I knew in real life. I’ve got too many people in my feed anyway. Plus, he didn’t have anything interesting to say.
How do I know that? He posted one of those facebook meme thingies, a little poster with words on it, that said “Less People, Less Problems.”
I commented, saying “fewer people.” Actually, I didn’t even think of it at the time, but it should be “fewer problems,” too. So, as a Grammar Cop, I am not perfect. I do my best.
He wrote back, saying “Fussy, fussy, fussy.”
I clicked on See Comment and was getting ready to write something along the lines of “Of course I’m fussy. If you’re going to open the conversation with some dumb platitude that you didn’t even think of by yourself, you should at least be able to choose one that doesn’t mangle the English language. Posting these things is the creative equivalent of putting a bumper sticker on your car, or having some stupid slogan like “Official Bikini Inspector” on your T-shirt. It means nothing except that you can read and repeat, and I’m not so sure about the being able to read part. And I especially hate the ones that say “Share if you agree,” which is the equivalent of “Honk if you agree” which was obnoxious enough. Nobody ever honked and everybody would have been pissed off if they had. And with all the totally amazing stuff on the internet, from music to dance to acrobatics to genius scientists explaining really cool stuff, this is the shit you choose to post?
Of those which say ‘share if’ my particular least favorite is ‘share if you are old enough to remember’ and then they either show some mundane device that nobody needs anymore because technology really has improved and we should be bloody grateful, or they wax nostalgic about the good old days when there were no safety regulations on playground equipment and parents were allowed to beat the hell out of their kids whenever they wanted. Yeah, I remember. The world is actually a better place now, in many ways. For one thing, we have the internet, a forum where everyone can trade ideas, can post their most original thoughts and get intelligent feedback, and you’re using it to post box quotes and you can’t even CHOOSE one that’s literate? You are a fucking moron.”
But, I got “You are not allowed to access this page.”
It’s probably just as well.


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