Chris Crocker Update

Somebody posted this video to my feed the other day and I was watching it and thinking “I agree with what he’s saying but, damn, he’s being vehement and angry about it,” but I can understand that. After all, I’m not the one who has to deal with that discrimination.
Then, I was wondering about why so many people lately are filming their videos from inside their car. There’s no good reason why not, I suppose, but did everybody get kicked out of their living rooms? It is an easy background, I suppose, everybody is familiar with the inside of a car, for most people it has generally positive connotations, and it necessitates a fairly tight focus on the face.
Then, I started thinking “Hey, wait a minute, I’ve seen this guy somewhere before.
Oh, yeah, right. Well, he’s changed a bit since then, mellowed out, has a slightly more controlled delivery. In both cases, I basically agreed with his message.
The thing is, unlike Jimmie O’Keefe, Chris Crocker is evolving. The more recent video actually delivered a passionate, yet coherent, message. He still has a way to go, though.
Since this is the internet, and anybody can comment on anybody, even though he’s drawn about a million times more viewers than I ever have, here are two tips from me to him:
1. Know the difference between passion and hysteria.
2. Edit. Once you’ve said the same exact words for a 2nd time, back up to just before that and cut.
Here’s wishing you, Chris Crocker, a long and productive career.


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