My Books

I ordered a bunch of my own books from createspace recently, partly to have them on hand in case anyone wants to buy one, or I’m suddenly stuck for a gift idea, but mostly I just had to buy some because nobody else is, and I actually wanted to make sure the system works.
It does, sort of, imperfectly. We ordered them about 2 months ago and they never arrived so we went online and sent them a what-the-fuck-is-going-on letter just a few days ago and they arrived in the mail today. So, they can hurry when they have to and kudos to their customer service department, but still, we had to go through all that.
I was happy to see them and look through them. Some of them I’d never actually seen in book form before. Three of them are part of my rhyming tweets program. The first was Twoems, but nobody noticed that one, which was a series of rhyming tweets starting in the Autumn of 2011 and going through all of 2012. I figured maybe the name is lame, maybe that’s why no one is buying them.
So I changed Twoems to Rheets, and now there is a 2013 and 2014 version as well.
I was a bit nervous looking at them. What if the poems hadn’t stood the test of time? What if they just sounded dorky? I needn’t have worried.
I still like them. They are the little two liners I post every night to Twitter after writing this blog, and the nice thing about that length is you really can’t screw up too bad.
If you want to read them, but are too cheap to read the books, just click on this page above the blog where it says “poetry,” and you’ll be taken there.


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