Obama’s Choice

Everybody keeps saying that Hillary’s got a lock on the Democratic nomination, but somehow Obama managed to make jokes about at least 4 possible nominees in his White House Correspondent’s Dinner Speech last night, which was the funniest Correspondent’s Dinner Speech since Stephen Colbert. Seriously, Obama could pull a reverse Al Franken, if he’s of a mind to go that route.
The joke about Hillary living out of a van in Iowa was pretty funny, but I totally cracked up at the Khaleesi coming to Westeros line, and I’ve never even seen Game of Thrones so have no idea what the hell that was all about and, to be fair, that wasn’t even Obama’s line, but the whole “Luther the Anger Translator” part was brilliant and whether or not the words actually came out of Obama’s mouth, you know damn well they were Obama approved.
But he also joked about Bernie Sanders (There could be another pot smoking socialist in the White House. It would be just like an Obama 3rd term) Martin O’Malley (Hillary didn’t get recognized at a Chipotle, but Martin O’Malley didn’t get recognized at a Martin O’Malley for President rally) and Joe Biden. He fairly gushed about Joe Biden.
If Joe Biden is planning to run (and if he’s planning to run, I’ll bet Obama knows about it), then this speech was practically an endorsement.
I don’t know if it was intentional or if he was just getting in some good jokes, but here’s the whole speech if you’d like to listen.


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