Primitive Joys

We just had a lovely, little rain, made most lovely by the fact that it happened after I was home from work (which makes it sound like I actually work, I had a grand total of one class today) and the whole family was home from their various daily endeavors.
I suppose it would not have been a terrible rain to be caught out in, it’s warm enough, but it was a bit of a downpour, even if it didn’t last long.

He looks Happy

He looks Happy

It was preceded by lightning and thunder and lightning and thunder, of course, preceded fireworks. All of the miracles of our early existence on this planet have been transformed and rendered artificial. In the beginning, we drank water from the stream. Today we have coffee and tea, beer, wine, and funny cocktails, and the coconut flavored aloe vera drink, with the slimy bubbles, that I had while sitting on a park bench this afternoon, enjoying the sunshine and the warmth even as the clouds gathered. But, it’s still nice sometimes to get a drink of cool, fresh water, and that experience would be even greater if you could find an unpolluted stream somewhere.
In the beginning we walked, everywhere. Today we can travel by car, by airplane, by train, by tram, by bicycle, ship, or horse. But, it’s still pleasant to get back to the original experience and go for a nice, long walk, just like our cave ancestors did.
In the beginning, we heard the songs of the birds. Today, we can listen to jazz, blues, rap or rock and roll, thousands of different songs on demand. I’m not complaining about the modern world, I love it. But the birds still sing the same and occasionally it’s nice to stop and listen to them.


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