All is One, but not really

It is such an accepted axiom of existence, such an unquestioned platitude, such a mainstay of new age spiritualism, that I say it without even thinking about it.
Everything in the universe is interconnected.
So, I’m using tonight’s blog to challenge the premise.
Sure, at some deep, reductio ad absurdum logical base, the case can be made. We are all made of atoms, every physical thing in the universe is made of atoms, we are all subject to the same physical laws and the whole meshugas was created in the big bang about 18 million years ago, presumably on a Tuesday. But that is not interconnectedness, that is merely co-existence. I have interconnectedness with my family, and a handful of friends. I have co-existence with my neighbors.
The question really should be “How is everything in the universe interconnected,” because coming up with an answer to that question would be something useful; it’s what Sean Connery, in’Finding Forrester’ called ‘a soup question.’
First, there is more than one possible interpretation of the word ‘how?’ Is the how as in how interconnected, tightly or loosely, passionately or indifferently, or does it mean how as in ‘by what means’?
If a butterfly flaps its wings in China, just exactly what links in the chain of events lead to a tornado in Oklahoma? Would it make a difference if it were a butterfly on the planet Zorx three galaxies down the road?
At some point you’ve got to make a decision, you have to draw the line, you have to say ‘I’m connected to the universe up this point and not beyond.’ Otherwise, you’ll just go nuts.


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