Paleontologists in Siberia have uncovered something spectacular.
It’s a bracelet. A bracelet made of green stone. It’s 40,000 years old which, apparently, is much older than any other bracelets they’ve ever found, and that surprises me because agriculture goes back 65,000 years and you’d think by the time people started settling down to that extent, adornment would have been common.
But, to me, that’s not the exciting part. It’s like when they discover a new star, it’s no longer fascinating to me when they say “farthest ever” or ‘largest ever.” They’re discovering new planets at a steady pace, and until they actually hit on one with intelligent life, it’s not really a story.

The cool part to me is that these were not made by Homo Sapiens, but by Denisovans. They were, like the Neanerthals, a species of human which wasn’t exactly us. I’m a bit confused about the nomenclature. If they were like us, and capable of interbreeding with us, then they were another race, and not another species. Our killing off of the Denisovans, and the Neanderthals, might be one of the reasons aliens don’t want to talk to us.
“Geez, what a bunch of dicks,” they must be saying.It makes our modern holocausts – against the Jews, against the Armenians, against the American Indians, all seem like child’s play.


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