Chuck Norris is Nuts

Chuck Norris says it’s not crazy to believe that Obama is preparing to invade Texas, by holding military exercises and closing a bunch of Walmarts so they can dig tunnels – to the Oklahoma border, presumably.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris

Yes, Chuck, it is insane. And those Republican politicians – Texas Governor Greg Abbott and presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Rand Paul – who are taking the claim seriously – are also insane.
It is as insane as thinking that Obama was born in Kenya.
While we’re at it, Chuck, you know all those Chuck Norris jokes people used to tell and maybe people who are 11 years old still do? They were meant to be ironic. Nobody actually believed that your tears could cure cancer, or that you’ve counted to infinity – twice.
I’m sure you must be aware of that. Or, at any rate, up to a few years ago I would have, but now, I don’t know. After all, Victoria Jackson apparently didn’t realize that people thought she was playing a character – a very dumb character.
And then there’s this “not crazy” statement. Here’s the breakdown on that, Chuckles: Texas is part of the United States. It would be linguistically and semantically impossible for him to invade Texas.
Despite your advertising program, you are not a ‘whole ‘nother country,’ any more than New Jersey is ‘The Garden State.’ Again, we have a case of people confusing fantasy for reality.
Which is one of the classic definitions of insanity.


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