12 in the Clown Car

Donald Trump has announced that he will join the Republican race for the presidency, and reactions range from shocked horror to mild amusement. For those saying “Eh, whatever, he will add a little bit of comic relief to the debates” I would like to say “These upcoming debates were not in any need of any more comic relief. In fact, if Donald Trump thinks he’s going to be Boss Crazy, I think he’s got another think coming.
The Democrats have 4 candidates who’ve announced so far: Hillary Clinton, an extremely intelligent and capable woman with plenty of political experience, Bernie Sanders, an intelligent and articulate champion of the people, Martin O’Malley, who can play Irish Folk Music, which is kind of cool, and Lincoln Chafee, a former Republican who left the party because they are all morons.
The Republicans have 12 candidates so far, and every single one of them is a joke. There is Mike ‘the world is 6,000 years old’ Huckabee, who said he’d like to be a transgender teenager so he could look at the girls in the shower, heh, heh. There is Rand Paul, who is against government regulations, like the kind that say doctors actually have to be certified to work as doctors. There is Ben Carson, who is this year’s Herman Cain. There is Carly ‘demon sheep’ Fiorina who, like Trump, has never held an elected political office. Hey, guys, try running for the state legislature first. If you do all right there, you might get considered for a Senate Seat or Governorship, and from there, we’ll see. There is Rick ‘rape babies are a gift from God’ Santorum, and Jeb ‘let’s raise the retirement age to 70’ Bush. Two of the candidated, Ted Cruz and Rick Perry, are from Texas and both supported their governor’s flirtation with actual secession. They are crazy in lots of other ways, too, but I want to keep this blog short. There is Lindsay ‘never been seen with a woman’ Graham, who loves, loves, loves bombing stuff and making wars, and former NY governor Pataki, who my aunt used to call Kaki Pataki when he was governor, which was about a million years ago. Sooner or later, some smart assed reporter is bound to ask “What have you been doing lately?”. Then there’s Marco Rubio, who is just as pro-war, anti-environment, and all around crazy as any of them.
These are going to be very interesting debates.


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