Books are for Reading; Not for Owning

I like to think of myself as a writer, although that is not yet the general public perception. So, I’ve got a lot of writers on my facebook page. That’s my own lover
Of course, a lot of those writers aren’t real writers, either. I assume most of them are at least book lovers. In fact, many of them are quite shmaltzy about it. They go on and on about how much better old fashioned print books are than Kindle, and their favorite places for reading, and their favorite books from childhood, and they suggest little quizzes like “what book would you take on a desert island” and stuff like that.
I don’t get into it much, but it’s harmless. The way I see it, format is irrelevant. Once, books were written on scrolls of papyrus, then they went through several centuries of the bound format, now there is Kindle. I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago who in into audio books. It’s all good.
The book is the story that’s in the book, it’s the words, which themselves are representations of what was in the author’s mind. That’s what counts.
Today, someone posted the meme you see here. Maybe they were being ironic, but I doubt it. Not all people who call themselves book lovers mean exactly the same thing by that term. Apparently.


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  1. Took a look at the comments on that meme. It looks like it wasn’t intended ironically at all.

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