Christie’s In

It looks like Chris Christie is going to get into the race, which means we are in for a lot of fat jokes. Ain’t nothing you can do about that, the man is fat.

Chris Christie

Chris Christie

I believe that brings the number of candidates on the Republican side to 14, which makes it very hard to predict who their eventual nominee will be. However, some of those 14 need to be taken more seriously than others. I don’t think Christie will get the nomination, but he has to be considered more seriously than, for instance, Santorum, or Fiorina, or Carson.
Which is strange. There was a time in American history, and not so long ago, when something like his George Washington Bridge stunt would have ended any politicians career.
Let us review: because he was pissed off at the mayor of Ft. Lee, Christie had fake road workers go out and close two lanes of the George Washington bridge one day – during rush hour. He inconvenienced hundreds, maybe thousands, of motorists. Some of them may have had emergencies, critical appointments, meetings, flights or deadlines that they missed because of it. Just because Chris Christie was mad at the mayor of Ft. Lee.
Howard Dean’s presidential ambitions were crushed because he let loose with an enthusiastic yell the press thought was very comical. Michael Dukakis lost because he looked kind of ridiculous in a tank, with a helmet. Ed Muskie got a bit teary eyed in a speech, because reporters had been seriously out of line attacking his wife. That was it for him.
Of course, it might be the IOKIYAAR (It’s O.K. if you are a Republican) factor But I think it’s also a different era. Once, politicians were held to very strict standards. Now, not so much.

p.s. my prediction is that the Republican nominee will be either Marco Rubio or George Pataki. I’ll give my reasons in a future column, if it looks like I’m going to turn out to be right.


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