Poor Bristol Palin

It’s been a big news day, and not all of it good, by any stretch of the imagination. Three terrorist attacks. The one in France only killed one person, but he was beheaded so that was pretty gruesome, and the mosque bombing in Yemen was in Yemen, a country where we are used to hearing about these things. The one in Tunisia was the scary one, with 37 (at last count) tourists shot and killed on a beach, which can seriously ruin your afternoon.
In good news, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the individual states can’t stop gay marriage. It seems as if Justice Kennedy has decided he’d rather be remembered in history as one of the good guys.
But, overshadowing all these news items is the news the Bristol Palin, who has spent the last several years lecturing American teenage girls about how they shouldn’t have sex before they get married, even though she obviously had herself, because she’s already got one child, is preggers again.
She wrote, in a public statement on the internet “I don’t want either lectures or sympathy.”
Well, I’m not going to lecture her. As a guy, I’m all for girls having sex before they are married. I suppose I could lecture her for being a huge fucking hypocrite, taking large sums of money to tell people not to do something that she’s doing plenty of. (we don’t yet know who the father is, or even if Bristol can narrow it down to 1.) It would be similar to me telling people they shouldn’t smoke marijuana just because somebody offered me a million dollars. Seen in that light, actually, I can understand it. If somebody offers me a million bucks, I’ll say whatever they like. So, no lecture.
Sympathy? You’ve got to be joking. Bristol is young and has shitloads of money. Sure, being a mom is hard, but she can afford to take all the time off she needs so she’ll be fine. So, no sympathy.
No, I’m just going to have a good laugh about it, as I think most people will. Because she is totally ridiculous.


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