Obama’s Next Job

A lot of words have been spoken and praise enthusiastically given for President Obama’s eulogy of Charleston pastor Clementa Pinckney. Maybe a bit too much.eulogy
First, it was a eulogy. The emphasis should not be on the eulogizer but on the eulogized. This is not Obama’s fault. He focused on the good Reverend’s life, and mentioned all of the other victims. It’s not his fault if everybody watching swooned over his speech.
Secondly, it was just a eulogy. A speech. We know he’s good at giving speeches. He mentioned all the right things. The culture of racism. The need for gun control. That doesn’t exactly bring us gun control. Once again, though, not Obama’s fault. It’s a miracle he got Obamacare passed, and that he hasn’t gotten the U.S. into any ground wars. His administration will definitely be rated a success by historians, and maybe a couple decades and a few hundred more school shootings down the road, we will get gun control. Maybe.
Third, the singing. Amazing Grace is an obvious choice at a funeral. I don’t see why everybody was so surprised. Yes, the man’s got a nice voice. He’s not exactly Marvin Gaye, but I’ll bet he’d be a lot of fun at karaoke night. I’d say his singing is about like his basketball playing. Good enough to be a key player on a great High School team. Not quite enough to go pro.
I’d like to add one thing. Nobody knows what Obama will do after being President. I sure hope he doesn’t go into lobbying. He might go back to teaching law. He could probably get an appointment to the Supreme Court. He could, if he chose to, just retire. He’s earned it. Maybe write another couple of books.
But I think he should become a preacher. He would have, in that role, a great deal of political influence. Martin Luther King did. The Pope does. Why not Obama?
He obviously has the skill set.


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