The Princess of the Dance

I didn’t get much done today, but it was a nice day.   I did maybe a page and a half of the seven page proofreading I promised to finish this weekend, and put off the book review I intend to write until tomorrow as well.  I did write two poems, but one of them was just two lines:

The nicest thing about little towns

is that there’s country, all around

But the key event of the day was just sitting around a lot, while Isabel danced for a television  show.  No idea yet when it will air, but they said they want her to do it again and they’ll let us know when.  We’ll see.

It's a very cute show

It’s a very cute show

It’s a program on a kid’s channel that she likes a lot.  They have two professional dancers (although the guy does all the talking -I’d like the show better if they’d give the girl some lines) and they teach the kids a few dance moves and it’s really cute.  Isabel often stands in front of the TV and dances along.

The  first delay was that all the other kids had shown up with special dresses and we never got the memo on that.  She was dressed in jeans and a T shirt.  No problem, they found something for her, but it made me nervous that we were standing around in the hallway and all the other girls (there were about 8 girls and just one or two boys) were already in makeup, getting their hair done.

Once it started, the parents could only sit and watch it on TV, and it got boring real quick as mostly there was a lot of standing around and repeating the same lines over and over again.  We went for breakfast in the canteen, and then went back, and then out again just to wait in the lobby.  It took about 3 hours.  I was real proud of her, though.

So, she wanted to go out for lunch and we all like KFC so we called a friend and met him for lunch at a food court at a mall near where he lives, but we got lost along the way, several times, driving through a hilly, wooded neighborhood which was quite pretty but it was getting more and more frustrating with each wrong turn.

When we finally got home it was late in the afternoon.


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