The Merging of the Mice

Somebody posted a news article on my facebook page today about how scientists are using multiple mice brains to create powerful, organic computers and I decided that was pretty gosh darned fascinating because on the one hand, if they can plug multiple mice brains into one giant mouse mind, then they can  do the same thing with humans, which  is both  thrilling and terrifying, in a weird sort of dystopian sci-fi sense.  On the other, it might be flat out embarrassing if we find out it doesn’t take that many mice to achieve a human level of intelligence.

So, I decided to write  tonight’s blog on that subject but when I went to google to try and find the article there I found out that  this is not a new concept at all and there were tons of articles about multiple-mouse brain computers, and mouse-human brain interfaces, and human to computer brain interfaces, and it seems like the future is here.

So why is it the world is still so messed up?  If we can put all of our minds together and have all of the information in the world, about the inter-reactions of different chemicals and the patterns of the weather and what foods people need and all of the new inventions and which ones work and which ones still need work, why can’t we figure out solutions to all of our problems?

I don’t know.  I suppose when multiple minds connect, like literally connect and not just chat with words, they probably still exchange the electronic, or deep neuron, version of cat pictures.


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