Why Argue?

Scott Walker is in the running now, which was expected, promising to do to the country what he did to Wisconsin.  On the Democratic side, Jim Webb made what I consider to be an absolutely horrific statement, saying that all the Confederate Flag whoop-dee-doo was an attack on Southern White culture, conveniently forgetting that the impetus for all that Confederate Flag whoop-dee-doo was that a product of that culture murdered 9 black people in a church.

Still, my internet friend who is 100% pro Webb was not dissuaded and there were plenty of people on that thread who thought it was a totally reasonable statement.

The thing is, you just cannot change people’s minds.  Events can change people’s minds.  Dylan Roof proved that.  Circumstances can change people’s minds.  People vote differently once they’ve got a bit of money than they do when they don’t.  But just words, and logic, and examples don’t do it.

I’m no better.  I read what people post on the internet and I either agree or disagree, and I post my comment accordingly.  Sometimes I’m flippant, sometimes I’m rude, (I try to avoid those, it doesn’t usually end well, it never ends with them won over to my point of view for instance, but sometimes the temptation to let fly with the zinger is just too great), sometimes I make what I think is a brilliant, coherent argument, but it doesn’t matter.

For instance, somebody posted today that “There is no such thing as a stupid opinion.”  I felt obliged to respond, since I felt that was, itself, the stupidest thing I’d seen posted in a long time.  I wasn’t rude or anything, I just pointed out the very obvious fact that there are stupid opinions.

It’s obvious, really.  There are stupid people.  They have opinions.  It’s  logical that a certain percentage of those opinions are going to be stupid.  Hell, I’m a smart guy and I’ve held a few stupid opinions in my time.  I can remember thinking that James Woods was a great actor, for example.

He wrote back and said “That’s just your opinion.”

See?  No reasoning with some people.


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