Why Does Everybody Hate Walter Palmer?

Walter Palmer is the most hated man in the world, at least for today.  He shot a lion.  Some people are saying he’s the evillest human being who ever lived, others are saying, “Well, maybe not as evil as police who murder innocent people and then try to  pretend they committed suicide, maybe not as evil as terrorists who behead journalists on camera, but still a class A douchenozzle.”

Walter Palmer, world's greatest dickhead

Walter Palmer, world’s greatest dickhead

There are many reasons Walter Palmer has sparked such a visceral reaction.  It’s not just that he killed a lion.  Here are some of the extra reasons people are hating on him.

1.  Lions are cats.  People love cats.  Look at all the cat pictures on the internet.

2.  That lion had a name, and his name was Cecil.  He lived in a lion shelter, and Zimbabweans loved him loved him like Germans loved Knut, the baby polar bear.

3.  It wasn’t really a sporting kill.  After paying his guides $55,000 to kill a lion, they brought Cecil out of the shelter and Walter ‘The Assassin’ Palmer shot him with a bow and arrow.

4.  It wasn’t a clean kill.  After wounding him with the bow and arrow, the lion bled for a long, long time before Palmers band of paid poachers tracked him down and put him out of his misery.

5.  Walter Palmer paid $55,000 for the privilege.  Who among us can’t think of better things to do with $55,000?

6.  He’s a dentist.  I don’t know about everybody else, but I fucking hate dentists.  They tell you to open your mouth as wide as you can, and then hold it that way, which fucking hurts, btw, and then they talk to you and ask you questions which you can’t answer because you’re trying to hold your mouth open.  I put them in the same class of people as policemen and prison guards.  I realize they are essential members of society, doing a job that needs to be done, but I strongly suspect the character and basic humanity of anybody who would choose that profession.  It’s possible that not all dentists are sadists, but Walter Palmer certainly didn’t do the profession any PR favors.

7.  He’s a Republican.  That may not be a factor feeding into the public rage, but he was a major donor to the Romney campaign, and that certainly doesn’t make him any more  likeable.

8.  He just looks like a smug prick.



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