A Walk in the Woods

Today was our last day in Innsbruck.  It has been lovely, but tomorrow we will hit the road.  Our plan is to visit Salzburg, spend a couple of hours there, and then head back to the Czech Republic, camp somewhere near Cesky Krumlov, spend Saturday canoeing, and get home Saturday evening because Sam has a football game on Sunday.Gnadenwald

We went for a rather long hike.  Out of the village, down by the brook, over the bridge and into the woods, where the trail went up, and up, and up.  We were exhausted before we’d barely begun.  It is a lovely area, the wooded mountainsides of Tirol.

We sat down for a snack at a place with a couple of benches and a truly gruesome, bloody crucifix.  Those seem to be a common fixture along the footpaths here.  A little bit past that was a big, ugly  quarry.

The path went up, the path went down.  We got directions to  where we were going from a group with 3 dogs, two of whom were border collies, who would race each other with fierce energy, while the black labrador plodded along complacently with a rubber ball in his mouth.

We came to a farm with horses.  Isabel wanted to pet them, Sam was more trying to  poke them, I yelled at him about that.  I spend a great deal of my time yelling at Sam lately.  Usually he deserves it but it has become too much of a habit.

After that, we walked on  for about another half hour before reaching our destination, a beautiful spa hotel with a nice cafe and a beautiful view, overlooking the horse farm and we could clearly see the path we should have taken.  From the horse farm to the hotel should have taken us about two minutes.

Had a lovely Sacher Dorte with cream and berries, hung out in the playground for a while, and caught the bus home, which was an adventure in itself.  Being in a new country it is little things like a first experience with their public transport or a trip  to the supermarket which are interesting and teach you a bit about the place.

Guten nacht.


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