New Job, Day 2

I am totally loving my new job, as Tarot Reader in residence at The Colored Pencil Art Gallery.  This morning I got to work and, first thing, I read the cards to see what kind of a day it would be.

No money, but lots of sunshine and connectedness to the universe, was the prediction, and that’s pretty much what came to pass.  I did a lot more readings than I did on Monday but a few people paid nothing, one guy left 10 kc, and nobody got crazy generous,but there was a lot of fun and a lot of good readings.

My favorite group was a Dutch family.  The daughter was obviously curious, but a little bit nervous, but eventually she worked up the nerve and everyone followed.  They were all asking lots of questions, which essentially means they were answering the questions themselves, and I learned a lot about all of them.

Then the daughter wanted to have a go at reading and I said sure, she could do mine.  However, we had somebody waiting impatiently in line (which was awkward, but in the final analysis it’s great when people are waiting in line, it builds demand, they have time to shop so it’s good for the place, and the service gets valued a bit higher) so she had to hurry.  It’s really interesting to me what untrained people will see in the cards.

She actually gave me some insight into my life, despite reading things on the card I have never, ever seen.

Even when it’s down time, I am surrounded by beauty and, when things are very slow and I’m bored I can always step out and take a walk around Old Town Square.

Basically, though, I am getting paid to do something  I would happily do for free, and you don’t get any better than that.


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