Sanders v. Trump

27,000 in Portland, 20,000 in L.A., damned near everybody on my facebook page but, obviously, there’s a bit of sampling bias there.  Nonetheless, it’s clear Sanders has momentum and the Black Lives Matter disruption hasn’t hurt him a bit.

Donald Trump says incredibly disgusting and racist things and he’s still the Republican front runner.

It’s always a bit of a mystery how some candidates can get hit with everything and still remain popular, and others get destroyed over the slightest things.

Whatever.  It is time for American journalists to start considering the possibility that this may be a Trump-Sanders race.  It will be interesting, and all the people who’ve been saying “Can’t we do any better than a Clinton-Bush rematch?” will have to stop whining and make a real choice.  All the people who say “There’s no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats” will be left sounding silly, because the choice between Sanders and Trump couldn’t be clearer.  It will mean the election will not be won by a Koch backed candidate, because the Kochs hate both these guys.

The choice between Trump and Sanders is more than just a choice between conservative and liberal, although it is at least that.  It is also a choice between a clearly intelligent man and one who is kind of a moron.  It is a choice between somebody who’s get coherent, well thought out positions on all of America’s problems, and somebody who likes to talk a lot about how wonderful he is.  It’s a choice between two guys with crazy hair, but Bernie’s at an age where he’s lucky to have any hair at all, so crazy hair is O.K.  It’s a choice between somebody who’s been a successful mayor and has many years of experience as a congressman and Senator, and a guy who’s declared bankruptcy 4 times, and been married 3.

I don’t know who will be the next president.  But I think it’s between Sanders and Trump.


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