Bernie Takes the Lead

a new poll shows Sanders leading Clinton in New Hampshire, 44% to 37%.  Now, it’s still half a year until the New Hampshire primary and I’m sure a lot of people are sick to death of reading politics, politics, politics every single day, and I kind  of agree with that, but this is big news for a couple of reasons.

Even though the poll sampling was only about 450 people, that’s about all they usually are, so it’s accuracy isn’t really om question.

It’s New Hampshire, the first primary state (Iowa doesn’t have a primary.  They have a series of caucuses.) so that’s significant.

He didn’t just squeak ahead of her.  Last time we all looked, he was behind and suddenly he’s ahead by 7 points.  That’s a BaBOOM moment.

From now on, any time  we see an aritcle that talks about Hillary’s role as front runner, we get to say “Now hold on there a second, snooty fancypants pundit.  She ain’t first in New Hampshire.  And, if we are feeling partgicularly cruel, we can include a link.

The Donald (I saw one girl suggesting today that ‘Donald become the official girls’ word for period, as in the sentence “No sex tonight, honey, I’ve got my Donald.”  I thought that was funny.) has started to attack Sanders, which is fine. It shows that Sanders is being taken seriously.


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One response to “Bernie Takes the Lead

  1. dw

    Not nice for all the other Donald’s in the world, but not a bad idea. Kind of like santorum.

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