Notes on a Stinking Hot Evening

I don’t actually know how this works.  Outside there is a nice breeze and the air has cooled down a bit.  Here, in the flat, the heat wave is still on.  So, I go out, I cool down, I come back in and sit down to write and I start sweating again.

I hope this means our heat wave is over.  Today was a very slow day at work, and when I say work I mean my ‘job’ as Tarot reader in an art gallery, which I do for donations, so it’s sort of like busking, just the gallery gives me a table and it fits in with the theme, it’s a one-artist place, and it’s all magic and fairies and mystical creatures in the woods.

The girls who work there, and the owners, seem to think business will pick up when it cools down.  I don’t see the correlation but they’ve been there a while, they have a better idea than I do about what is normal.

Even though I made almost nothing today, I enjoy being there.  Reading Tarot is fun, I get to meet lots of people and, with the tourist clientele, I meet people from all over the world and get to practice speaking in different languages a bit.  I gave a couple of readings in French today, which reminded me of how much French I don’t know, but they were tolerant about that.

I told them to be careful as they purchase a new house, which is kind of no brainer advice, but people take it a bit more seriously when it comes from a fortune teller than when it comes from a real estate agent.

I also like it because I’m surrounded by beautiful art.  That may get dull eventually, but she’s so prolific that there are often new things.

One other good thing is that when it’s not too busy, I can always read a book.  I’m on the first book of the Game of Thrones series, and I’m getting into it. Most of my favorite characters are named Stark, but I also quite like Tyrian Lannister, and Danaerys, and you know that some of these characters are going to kill, or at least try their damnedest to kill, some of the others.

It’s as if Tolkien had written half of the chapters in The Lord of the Rings from the Orcs point of  view.


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