It’s Going to Get Ugly

It rained last night and it rained today, a good solid rain, so the air in Prague feels the way the air in Prague should feel in August: pleasantly warm, not uncomfortably hot, and not unbearably dense.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

So, I cannot blame the heat for my laziness.  I only did about half the pages I was supposed to proofread today.  That’s O.K.  I have tomorrow.

As for tonight’s topic, I have a prediction, about the upcoming (come on, it’s still over a year away) U.S. presidential election: it’s going to get ugly.  Real ugly.

Maybe not right away.  Bernie Sanders has said he intends to  take the high road and keep it positive.  His supporters aren’t bound by that, and I’ve seen plenty of Hillary bashing, but it’s coming mostly from Republicans.  For her part, Hillary has not been directly attacking Sanders, because that would be silly – she doesn’t want to draw too much attention to the fact that she’s just borrowing all of his programs.

What Chafee and O’Malley and Webb are up to, I’ve no idea.  Barring a massive change, they are out of contention, but they are not dropping out.  I suppose once your in, you might as well hang in there and hope for a miracle.

But, it’s early stages yet.  If Sanders wins Iowa and New Hampshire and Hillary sees the nomination slipping from her grasp, she is likely to get every bit as vicious and negative as she did in 2008.  And that’s just the precursor to what the Republicans will do in the general.

They will try not to sound bigoted (well, maybe not if Trump is the nominee), because really, political correctness is important, if you don’t observe it at all, you become….Donald Trump.

They will try, but they’ve got nothing on Sanders.  They can’t touch him on the issues, because most people agree with him on the issues.  They can scream “Socialism!” at the top of their lungs, but they’ve been screaming it at Obama since 2008, and nobody gives a shit any more.  They might make a few snide remarks about Bernie’s age, but nobody really cares about that.  He’s in good shape, and obviously still sharp mentally.

So, they are going to try and find increasingly unsubtle ways to remind voters that Sanders is Jewish. That’s what I mean by ugly.  They will remind people that he grew up in New York, because to many of their base, ‘New York’ and ‘Jew’ just go together, it’s a phrase that trips off the tongue.  They will talk, ad nauseum, about Christ, and about America being a ‘Christian Nation.’

They will do everything except say it out loud, and some of them might say it out loud.  That will be awkward for them, as they try to be huge pro-Israeli hawks and still run a campaign based on anti-semitism, but they’ll manage.

Republicans don’t worry  about self-contradiction much.


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