Always Take the Umbrella

Had to get up early this morning to drop Isabel off at Day Camp, which is not really a camp because it’s at a school, and up until last night I thought it was at the school just across the street from us, but noooo, that plan got nixed because they didn’t have enough kids, so it was clear the hell out in some neighborhood I barely know, Metro to Smichovske Nadrazi (can’t get the Czech keyboard now for some reason – the computer just arbitrarily shuts different shit down when it feels like it.  Artificial intelligence is here but it is a somewhat malevolent, poltergeist type intelligence), then a bus about 6 stops.

“Take the umbrella,” Helena said.  “Nah,” I said. “It’s barely raining at all.”  And it wasn’t.  It was still only drizzling lightly when we got on the bus.  Then we noticed it was coming down the windows in sheets, big fountains were created whenever a truck passed by, and traffic was moving at a snail’s pace.

Between the  bus stop and the school, I got totally soaked.  Isabel had had the presence of mind to pack a raincoat.

Anyway, got home, took a hot shower, changed into dry stuff, and spent most of the day working on a proofreading, in between bouts of facebook.  It’s a difficult book to proofread.  The  author changes POV with each paragraph, and mixes tenses as randomly as salad ingredients.

Then, I had a lesson this afternoon, which I was quite looking forward to because this student hasn’t had a lesson since April.  His vacation, my vacation, various other things happening, and so on.

This time I took the umbrella.  It wasn’t really raining all that hard, I could have lived without it.  But, that’s the way.  If you take it, you won’t need it, if you don’t take it, you’ll need it.  Really, I should know that by now.


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