Huck Blows, Bernie Glows

Another political post tonight.  I apologize, but it’s  one wild shitshow and I can’t take my eyes off it.

Evangelist Wackadoodle Mike Huckabee

Evangelist Wackadoodle Mike Huckabee

On the Republican side.  Yes, Mike Huckabee’s statement was reprehensible.  He was talking about the 11 year old girl in Paraguay who was raped by her stepfather and forced to carry her baby to term.  Huckabee said that was about right, just because the poor girl was raped by her stepfather was no reason to abort the baby, and neither was the fact that she was only 11.

The thing is, Huckabee had no reason to comment on the incident at all, since it happened in Paraguay, which is not the country Huckabee is trying to be president of.  That hasn’t stopped him from making ignorant comments about Israel, either.  Or going there for fund-raisers.

Leaving the foreign entanglement aspect aside, it would seem like it was a bonehead thing to say, but I imagine it won’t hurt him any.  It’s the reality of the Republican race.  Trump is leading, with one insane, racist comment after another.  The other Republican candidates have realized that they have to make outrageously ignorant, callous comments even to keep in the news, much less win the primaries.

No comment is too stupid.  Expect more, and worse.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders dealt with a bad question from one of my favorite journalists in brilliant fashion. The journalist was Ana Marie Cox, who was the Wonkette girl back when Wonkette was funny.  The woman has a sharp, and wicked sense of humor.

She asked something about the coverage of Hillary’s hair and his hair and did he think it was all fair, and he said (I paraphrase) “Fuck off.”  Actually, he was much politer than that, he even prefaced his remarks with “I’m sorry to be rude,…” but he laid down the law, said he wanted to talk about serious issues and didn’t want to bother with  stupid questions.

So, still love and admire you, Ana Marie.  But Bernie don’t play that.


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