One World

Bobby Jindal is probably the biggest hypocrite in the world, and it makes me wonder about the relationship between him and his parents.  He is absolutely the definition of an anchor baby.  He was born in the U.S. while his parents were here on work visas, and they used his birthright citizenship to become American world

Now he has jumped on the Trumpwagon to denounce the concept of birthright citizenship and has made a few nasty comments about anchor babies, although he is one.  There’s some serious self-loathing going on there, or a whole lot of delusion.

One thing these right wing Republican pukazoids have not taken into account is this: if a baby born in the U.S. is not a citizen of the U.S., what country are they a citizen of?  The country where their parents came from?  What if that country doesn’t automatically grant citizenship unless you are actually born there?  This could create a class of stateless people, and that would really be a raw deal.

In fact, there are a whole lot of people on Earth who get a raw deal in life just based on where they are born, and it is not right.  I am American, and now I’m a permanent resident of the E.U., so I am among the privileged, but that does not make me any better, any smarter, more talented, hard working, decent or deserving than some poor sod who was born in Burma or Syria or Sudan or China, and has little chance of ever living anywhere else.

There is no immediate solution.  The world is divided, there is a huge economic disparity between nations, and the haves are not going to just open their borders.  If you let everybody onto the lifeboat, the lifeboat sinks.

But we should not lose sight of the fact that this is one world, we are all one people, and if things were the way they ought to be anybody, born anywhere, would be able to go anywhere else and live there and work there and marry and have children and be happy there because planet Earth belongs to all of us equally.

Let’s keep that in mind.  The way the world ought to be.  Let’s keep working toward it.  Not away from it.


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