Don’t Do It, Joe

Don’t do it, Joe, please.  I like you, and would vote for you if you were the nominee.  Six months ago, I would have been thrilled if you announced you were running.  But, things have changed since then, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Those people who were saying “Why do we always have a choice between two crap candidates?” aren’t saying that so much any more.

Those people who were saying “I can’t believe we’re going to have to choose between a Bush and a Clinton, sheesh, Washington’s as bad as Hollywood,” have been kind of quiet lately.

Even those people saying “When, oh when are we going to have a Democrat who talks like a Democrat, who isn’t afraid to stand up for the working class?” haven’t been as vocal lately.

Because we have a candidate who stands up for the working class.  It’s looking very much like the election will not be between a Bush and a Clinton, because chances are neither one will make it through primary season, and, out of the two candidates on the ballot in November of 2016, it looks like one of them will actually be a decent guy.

So, instead of jumping in the race and creating more Democratic discord, how about getting behind Sanders?  He’s got the momentum.   He’s got his finger on the pulse of the people.  A few big, respectable voices like yours early on would give him the respectability and credibility he  needs to win next November.  Back the winner, Joe.  Feel the Bern.


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