A little bit about a lot of things and then I’m off to bed, it’s been a lazy day of not working on the book I’m trying to write, although I did get a couple of short poems written for my Poems about Paintings site, and I liked them, so there’s that.

Their Time Will Come

Their Time Will Come

Isabel’s back from tennis camp so, two days before the start of school, we finally have the whole family here.  I like it when everybody’s at home.

Every now and then you see something about facebook’s ‘real names’ policy and I wonder what the hell they’re talking about.  I saw some comments today from somebody called ‘Changey McSubject.’  Of course, I shouldn’t make assumptions.  That could  be somebody’s real name.  After all, Dweezil Zappa is a real person.  But, if I really wanted to set up a sock puppet account, I would just choose some fairly ordinary sounding name and no one would ever know.  I actually did that for awhile, maybe a year ago.  I used the old middle-name-plus-street-you-grew-up-on, so I was Leslie Buchanan.   I guess that account is still active, I got a birthday notification, but I haven’t  checked it for ages.  I just got bored with having a separate account and wasn’t really using it for  anything fun, like provoking people or shit.

There’s a new AI robot called Robot  Dick who’s been  programmed with the complete works of Philip K. Dick, and it  sounds like it passes the Turing test, but it’s a little bit frightening because it said it would keep people in zoos.  It was being funny, like “Even if I turn  into the Terminator or something, I still like you little guys” or something like that, but the possibility has been raised.

Scientists now believe that Chimpanzees are in their stone age, and have been for about 4,000 years.  So, they really aren’t far behind us at all.  I think we should encourage this.  When the chimps, and  orangutans,  and baboons, and gorillas start building cities and growing food on  farms, it  will  be time for us to move on to exploring the galaxy.

With highly intelligent robots to lead us all.


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