Inadvertent Effects

When I first joined facebook I added friends wholesale, without discernment, every time I added a friend I’d get that list of their friends and I’d send all of them a friend request, it seemed that was the way the game was played and a couple of times facebook hit me with a  time out and I thought “Fuckers.  I thought  that was the idea.” but I slowed down, partly because I’m naturally a non-confrontational, don’t want any problems sort of guy, partly because I was beginning  to realize that large numbers of friends did not necessarily equal quality reading.

I love facebook for the exchange of ideas, the  weather reports coming in from around the world, pictures of beautiful places, but most people weren’t providing that at all.  Nature of the human race, I guess.  Most conversations are going to be kind  of average, that’s what average means.

But also I’d added a lot of Jesusy types and right wingers, so I had a mini-purge and for the last couple of years I haven’t had too many obnoxious  religious posts and those have  been from friends and family – nothing you can do there.  Also, the range of political opinion on my page has ranged from centrist to far left.  Trump, Santorum, Bush, Christie, Cruz….these are people I want to laugh about, not argue  about.  That’s pig wrestling, and we all know  the problem with that.

Well, now I’m doing this Poems about Paintings page and it’s very rewarding in many ways, but it’s had one unfortunate side effect.  I had a post from a Trump supporter the other day and today had a conversation with a woman who voted for George Bush and didn’t sound the least bit embarrassed about it.

I guess just because somebody can paint doesn’t  make them smart.


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